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  BillBoard 12/20/97
BillBoard 02/21/98
BillBoard 05/23/98
Fort Worth Star Telegram 08/05/97
The Fresno Bee

Don Inducted in the Walk of Western Stars April 2000



"Think of Don Edwards as a singing scholar of the old west. We are a little lax about these family heirlooms of ours and ought to be grateful to have such a great caretaker of them."  James Earl Jones - An American Moment, 10/97

" of the country's most popular cowboy singers...Edwards' fans won't be surprised Robert Redford called him the Real Deal and cast him in The Horse Whisperer." USA Today, 12/97

"Edwards...original 'Cowboy Love Song' brings perhaps the most authentic sounds to the album." USA Today, 4/98. The Horse Whisperer (soundtrack review)

"Authentic is a tough word in the cowboy-song biz these days, but Edwards is warm and melodic. He makes the songs a nice reward after a long day on the trail." New York Daily News, 12/97
"Robert Redford found the 'real deal' in cowboy singer Don Edwards". Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Tuesday, August 5, 1997

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