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American: CD
  • American: CD
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  1. I Am A Pilgrim
  2. Dixie/America The Beautiful
  3. The Union Mare and Conferate Grey
  4. The Freedom Song
  5. Hell-Bound Train
  6. Hard Times
  7. My Own Native Land
  8. There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere
  9. The Last Cowboy Song
  10. Devil's Hatband
  11. Campfire Has Gone Out
  12. This Land Is Your Land
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Heaven On Horseback: CD
  • Heaven On Horseback: CD
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  1. Master's Call
  2. I Saw The Light
  3. Amazing Grace
  4. Great Speckled Bird
  5. Drift Along Lonely Cowboy
  6. A Cowboys Prayer/Dim Narrow Trail
  7. Make Me No Grave
  8. Why Me
  9. Pilgrim's Progress
  10. Cowboys Prayer
  11. Wayfaring Stranger
  12. Rounded Up In Glory
  13. Angels Can Do No More
  14. Strange Things Happening In The Lane
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Moonlight and Skies: CD
  • Moonlight and Skies: CD
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Wrangler Award Winning CD featuring "Coyotes" 1. My Blue Heaven 2. St. Louis Blues 3. Land Of My Boyhood Dreams 4. Boots and Saddles 5. Thats How the Yodel Was Born 6. Moonlight and Skies 7. Ragged But Right 8. The Long Trail 9. Coyotes 10. Dusty Skies 11. Goodbye Old Pal 12. Can't Shake The Sands Of Texas From My Shoes 13. Dying Cowboy Of Rimrock Ranch

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Kin To The Wind: CD
  • Kin To The Wind: CD
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Wrangler Award Winner 1. Saddle Tramp 2. Begging To You 3. San Angelo 4. Kin To The Wind 5. Singing The Blues 6. Old Red 7. Man Walks Among Us 6. I'll Step Aside 9. Is There Anything Left I Can Say 10. I'll Go On Alone 11. Ghost Train 12. The Best Part Of Living

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My Hero Gene Autry: CD
  • My Hero Gene Autry: CD
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  1. Back In The Saddle
  2. Way Out West In Texas
  3. That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine
  4. Ridin' Down The Canyon
  5. Dear Old Western Skies
  6. My Hero Gene Autry
  7. It's My Lazy Day
  8. Twilight On The Trail
  9. Cowboy Blues
  10. Mexicali Rose
  11. Have I tTold You Lately
  12. Rainbow On The Rio Colorado
  13. South Of The Border 14, Let The Rest Of The World Go By
  14. Back In The Saddle
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High Lonesome Cowboy: CD
  • High Lonesome Cowboy: CD
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GRAMMY NOMINATED 1. Take Me Back To The Range 2. The Old Chisholm Trail 3. Ramblin' Cowboy 4. Reno Blues 5. The Old Grey Mare Came Tearing Out of Wilderness 6. Trail To Mexico 7. The Night Guard 8. Buddies In The Saddle 9. Goodbye Old Paint 10. Midnight On The Stormy Deep 11. Going To Leave Old Texas Now

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Saddle Songs: CD
  • Saddle Songs: CD
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32 Classic Songs 1. Ballad Of Jack Thorp 2. Old Shisholm Trail 3. Whoopi Ti Yi Yo 4. Pecos River Queen 5. Cowboy Jacke 6. Chopo 7. Zebra Dunn 8. Patonio 9. Sam Bass 10. Streets Of Laredo 11. Night Herding Song 12. Little Joe The Wrangler 13. Little Joe The Wranglers Sister Nell 14. Railroad Corral 15. Pecos Stream Disc 2 1. Minstrel Of The Range 2. Long Road West 3. miss Aledo 4. Ridin' 5. Longside The Santa Fe Trail 6. Wanerin' Cowboy 7. Strawberry Roan 8. The Glory Trail 9. I'd Like To Be In Texas 10. Doney Gal 11. Stomoede/Masters Call 12. After The Roundup 13. Rounded Up In Glory 14. Philosophical Cowboy 15. The Old Cowman

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Saddle Songs 2  Last Of The Troubadours: CD
  • Saddle Songs 2  Last Of The Troubadours: CD
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32 Songs 2 CDS 1. Gone To Texas 2. The Habit 3. For Them That Lean To Lonesome 4. The Colorado Trail 5. Night Riders Lament 6. By The Silvery Rio Grande 7. Diamond Joe 8. The Old Cowboy 9. Barbara Allen 10. Make Me A Cowboy Again For a Day 11. Sierry Petes 12. The Mormon Cowboy 13. Fort Worth Jail 14. Red River Valley 15. Green Grow The Laurel 16. When The Works All Done This Fall Disc 2 1. Saddle Tramp 2. Lonely Wanderer 3. Following The Cow Trail 4. Chant Of The Night Songs 5. West Of The Round Corral 6. Windy Bill 7. Cowhand's Last Ride 8. The Cowboy s Home Sweet Home 9. Utah Carroll 10. Root Hog Or Die 11. The Rancher Feeds Us All 12. I Wanted To Die In The Desert 13. The Dying Cowboy Of Rimrock Ranch 14. The Campfire Has Gone Out 15. Cowboy's Meditation 16. Here's Lookin' At You Cowboy

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